Cathy Stevens Pratt

Illustrator • Graphic Designer

Once upon a time a girl lived with impenetrable corn fields on all sides. She sneezed and ate corn and sat in her closet and made art.This self taught art child was eventually university educated. After being spit out of the arts education system I morphed into a professional graphic designer and multi-faceted illustrator.My work comes in two categories:

ART -fine art paintings with lots of bright colors and textures. If you want to see more of my painterly art head on over to this page:

ILLUSTRATION and GRAPHIC DESIGN -representational and for the advertising and design industry.  I illustrate creatures, scenes or ideas, typography, food, landscapes for paying clients.

Back in the day, I worked at huge fast super great Memphis advertising agencies. Those minds taught me to organize my thoughts around solving specific problems, usually in order to sell things. I see the images I want to convey in my mind, then create those pictures methodically, step by step.

Honestly, the world of advertising is very different than it was 30 years ago and has become quite distasteful to me. I still need to earn a living but have shifted to creating illustrations and doing design for companies I care about.

I’ve been an independent freelance artist since 1994. This is the best most challenging rewarding maddening job ever.

Style-wise my work is variable because as an illustrator often I’ve had to match an existing style with my own work. I have had experience in many media like acrylic, watercolor, ink, scratchboard and digital. My illustrations range from whimsical to realistic.

If you are considering working with me do write to art@catillustrates.com. We can see if I might be a good fit. As a graphic designer I am like a full service agency. I have almost 30 years of experience and can create your business identity as well as any print collateral, web sites and more.

I have two pages of paintings for sale here. Selling my art is what I do to earn my living. I would love to give it all away. In fact, I do give plenty of it away to fundraise for charities I care about and to my supporters. See my Facebook page🙂

I love commissions so please write me if you have an idea you’d like to see in paint.


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  1. Bob Florence says:

    Hey Cat,
    How is everything. I was looking at your Sketchbook Project. That was a very nice dedication to your father.
    I liked all of them.
    Site is looking great.

  2. admin says:

    Bob, Thanks for visiting, you’re the best!

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