abstract miniature art 3

ah, another. I hope you enjoy.

When I look at abstract art, I try to keep the thinking side of my brain out of it. Try NOT to see real images. Just notice colors, textures, line quality, any feelings the art might stir up, all that right brain richness that we miss out on in our thinking world. See if you can just look, without labeling what you see.

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3 Responses to abstract miniature art 3

  1. Brad says:

    That was a cool exercise. I let the art talk to me instead of trying to figure it out. It was hard though. I gave my stream of a consciousness a black eye trying to shut it up.

  2. Joni Owens says:

    I think that is my biggest problem – trying to think out my abstracts. I need to try to shift to my non-thinking side of my brain before I pick up my brushes and paint.

  3. admin says:

    Brad, you should give your stream of consciousness a microphone!

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