abstract miniature art cards

Most of the work you see here is representational. Ah, but I love abstract art also! Sometimes when I need a creativity boost, and I don’t have a project due, I’ll do a painting, just marks, smudges, strokes on a big sheet of paper. Let that dry and then the fun begins. I’ll use my pens and markers and colored pencils and create shapes and textures on top of the painted marks. This couldn’t be more fun. Once it seems like I’m finished, how to know this I have no idea, cut the big painting/drawing into atc size (2.5×3.5″) pieces. I usually cut a window out of another piece of paper so I can be choosey about the final art card. I’ll show you some of my creations.

see what I mean?

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  1. Julie says:

    this looks so cool, can’t wait to try one myself

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