Addresses the old way

Another art trade event here. This is not all I do, sit around and make art. Well, it is all I do, sit around and make art. But a lot of it, and most of it you don’t see here, is more formal, more bank-ish, more of the sort that actually earns us some money to buy food and such. But here is the fun stuff.

These babies are address tags. I joined a swap and chose a group. Each person in the group makes an address tag with their own address on the tag for the others in their group. Then we trade. In the end I’ll have a tag from each of the artists I made tags for with their addresses on it. What a cool collection that will be won’t it?!

Here’s a scary one for the hostess of the swap, she wanted a halloween themed tag in these colors:

And one for a friend who wanted a Red Riding Hood theme:

I’ll post a few more next time.

Peace all


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