Are the holidays holy?

I was raised to be a good little Catholic girl. I went to Catholic school, wore my uniform, attended every first Friday mass went to confession did the sacraments and sat thru mind numbing altering homilies and incense. I did the Catholic thing thoroughly. And yet, now I don’t go to church or receive the sacraments or share too much of that life with my child. What’s up with that? I’m not entirely sure. My catholicism never felt as real as I saw it manifest in my Grandmother. She meant to be Catholic, lived it, gloried in it. For her it was real and part of her through and through.

Not so much for me. But what I do know is that the holidays ARE holy. The traditions make them holy. The family, the food, the stories, the decorations make them holy. Holy as in, “hey, don’t mess with my holidays!!” holy. Holy in the best possible sense of holy. Let’s take some time to consider why we are here, who do we love, what is our purpose I love you so much kind of holy.

Most people consider me a hippie wood carrying bonfire save the mice kind of person. But I am a bit holy. I like to stop and notice the magical happenings in our day, the snow, the water flowing, the chipmunks all named Molly. This leads to my painting I’m posting here today.

What is more awe inspiring than space? Have you ever seen the Hubble telescope photos of outer space? My dad introduced them to me and wow are they cool. I have a book. A telescope photo a day for each day in a year. I painted one on my ceiling. Then half of my house had Hubble paintings on a dark night sky colored ceiling. I ran out of ceiling space and had a baby and ran out of time too so now I paint 9×12 watercolors instead. They are loose and fun and colorful. Once the 9×12 painting is finished, I cut it into teeny painting sizes 2.5 x 3.5. Tiny! From there I tease images out of the snapshot of the original Hubble photo. I get birds and flowers and landscapes and sometimes even………angels. Angels make me a teeny bit twitchy but this angel was there staring at me from within my art. Here she is in all her holy glory showing herself to you too:)

She is in my etsy shoppe as a greeting card for now and for the holy holidays.

Peace all,


Hubble Telescope art turned holy by Vermont Artist Cathy Stevens Pratt

Hubble Telescope art turned holy by Vermont Artist Cathy Stevens Pratt

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