Basquiat style art via Cat

I joined another swap over at iatc. I’m always joining swaps over at iatc. That is what I do for my sanity, my joy, my survival. This swap was about making cards to trade in the style of a long gone artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. You can check him out here: He began as a street artist and worked his way onto the canvas. Too bad he died so young. I’d love to know what his art would look like as he aged.

Doing master studies is always eye-opening. Most of the time, for me at least, a master study is about the details, the small stuff. If you love how Rembrandt paints hands, try copying him. In this method, copying is accepted. As an artist you copy to learn and give credit to the master you are copying. What I learned from copying Basquiat is to RELAX!! Stop it with the details…just chill in the teeny this and that to make the eyeball perfect. I mean, look at his eyes, they’re not even ovals, they’re multi-colored, they’re staring right at me!!! This is fun!

There is a movie all about the artist. I have not seen it. I don’t know anything about this guy, except that he’s going to help me to RELAX, in a loud and bold way. Thanks Jean-Michel.

This is my version of a Basquiat, and of course, I went with the CAT theme. 

Peace all


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