Can painters knit?

Well, this one can. In my opinion I’m definitely not an expert fiber arts creator. Not like my friend Kathleen. But I try, and honestly I love it. I knit and crochet when I can’t do anything else. Something is so reassuring about the yarn, the textures, the colors, oh the COLORS! It is instantly gratifying. I can see every stitch getting me closer to the final piece.

I used to knit big items, sweaters. whoa. Now, I do small stuff, really small stuff. Like bracelets. I’ve posted several in my etsy shop. I love these little creations. Small, satisfying, colorful. Something is so grounding about having fibers on my wrist, of course in addition to the silver and beads I never go without.

I have a buddy who makes incredible beads. Serena and Johnny at Moving Mud do fabulous work. I have been adding their buttons to my fiber work and am loving the result. You can see them in my etsy store. Check it out in case you need something unique for a holiday gift. Let me know what you think.

Peace all


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