cats and mermaids meow!

Where in the heck have I been? This whole loss of job garden homeschool berry-pickin life has me away from the computer, somewhat, and outdoors some more. When hubby is not bringing in the money consistently anymore, my business needs to kick in. So part of my focus has been on my etsy store. My buddy Julie Howell and I opened it this past winter and are having so much fun. My new art is making its debut there more than here though. I’ll cross post, so everybody gets to see, how’s that?

This is a journal cover I made on a blank Moleskine Cahier journal. 5×8 is the size, the stock is creamy unlined white, joy in paper if you ask me. To make this I started with an image transfer experiment using my winter mermaid art. You can sort of see her in the background. Once she dried I put the cat face on top. The words at the bottom are only a watermark so people don’t blatantly steal the entire image, because that’s happened before. Shameful. The watermark points you toward my store. This starving artist can’t eat paint all the time!!


Peace, cathy

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