Chess and Comic Heroes painting

This painting was created for a guy who loves everything comics. That world is pretty foreign to me so I had to go out and get some old classics, with the advice of the comic store fellow. The other emphasis for the painting was to be chess. Chess and comics, a bit of a challenge. I created the background first, on canvas, laying out the squares of a chess board, glueing down some images that I cut out from the comic books, and then painting with acrylics on top. I didn’t want it to look like a stark black and white chess board, nor was I wanting it to be exact squares all over. Besides, the person it was for wanted the colors purple and yellow. After the board background was all set I made my own version of the castle, the queen, the knight, the bishop etc., drew and watercolor painted those characters on thick paper, cut them out and gel medium stuck them onto the background. I was so happy about the final look of this piece.

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