Dust and dog hair. By Vermont artist Cathy Stevens Pratt

My palette was covered in dust and dog hair! I have been watching the colors become a bit drab as I glanced at it sideways. Like an old friend cast aside, it’s been giving me the stink eye occasionally. Saying, “hey, over here, what about me?!” I’ve been so busy with the business of selling my art, that I haven’t been making art. An absolute violation says my palette. I adore its colors, the mess of it, the perfection of it. I use it daily…usually.

Tonight the racket rattling complaining groaning pleas coming from my cast aside unused palette were answered by a newly cleaned brush (yep I even had brush guilt and cleaned some of my favorites), dipped in water, and made to turn pthalo blue again. Ah the color of life of love of my soul, I could hear all my art supplies breathe in relief.

Christmas is an extraordinary time in the life of this little family. We are busy and we’re not even really big celebrators. Well, I’m kind of a repressed celebrator. But craft shows take a ton of work preparation set up clean up organizing agonizing. It is fun. About 93% fun. It’s the 7% turbulence that challenges me. I can do 7% though. I’ll chew gum and swallow hard and buckle down.

Soon, it will be vacation time. I won’t know what to do with myself and I’ll probably show up here complaining about how slow things are. For now at least pthalo blue is shiny wet happy and all is right in my world.

Peace all




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