Get over it!

Yesterday someone I know and trust told me, in regards to me complaining about always feeling tired, “get over it!”. And she meant it. And she knows what she’s talking about.

Years ago, when I first had my sweet babe and was shockingly sleep-deprived, my good buddy Charles said, “hey, you can do it, it is all in your mind”. I thought hey man, you have NO IDEA the shennanigans my child knows how to do in the wee hours, you’re JUST THE DAD. How rude. I know better now. Dads have different challenges with a new baby.

So, to Charles I kindly gently ask “All in my mind, what the heck do you mean dear man?” He explained to me that if I    E  X P  A   N   D   my idea of what I am capable of, then being a bit mildly bone numbingly exhausted won’t seems so bad. He was right. I changed my mind, and I got thru it. Heck, it wasn’t so bad. Well, it was kinda bad but those days are over and now for whatever reason I’m feeling tired again.

Here’s what I know. I am grateful for my life. I have a fabulous partner, a super cool kid, amazing incredible friends, a strong mom/role model, the best brothers ever a green garden berries galore a warm house with more firewood than we know what to do with flowers in the garden the list goes on. And on.

For now I will expand again so I can take it all in. At the end of the day when my head hits the pillow (with pillow cases made for me by a buddy, see = amazing friends) I’ll fall asleep quickly. Like I mean it. Because I do. I’m not tired, I’m just big and full and happy.

Peace all


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