Goodbye Purple Cat by Vermont Painter Cathy Stevens Pratt

I’ve been busy sticking my neck out there. I feel so naked at an art sale. There I am, my most favorite creations, straight from my brain mind imagination, out there for people to see!! To judge, to have a feeling about…It is horrifying. And satifsying. And sometimes a bit sad.

This purple cat has lived with me for several months. Today off she went into the hands of a girl who bought the cat as a gift for her mom.  Score! My cat sold! She’s making three people happy at one time, me, the daughter and her mom. I wrapped her up nicely and tried not to think about it much and handed her over. sniff.

Usually after the shows I take out my favorite pieces and hang them back up in my living space. This cat would come and go with me, happy to return to my house. This time…off she went. It as a bit challenging and thrilling and totally happysad.

The business of selling art, real art, not graphic art, is going to challenge me. My intention is to make my living making art. And making the art I love to create. I want this with my entire being.  That’s my choice and for now that’s the plan. Let’s see what happens.

Peace all


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