Great Horned Owl hoots for me

I’m trying to wrap my mind around the whole idea of making my living by making my art. I went to college for art and graduated as an illustrator/graphic designer. I made my living as those two things since the late 80’s. Now you know I’m about 47!

As I get older I know I also get happier when I draw paint color dream what I want. So instead of my art being driven by my client’s requests, I hope to make money selling the art I create, from me my heart my soul my brain.

That’s why you see my etsy shop on facebook and pinterest and twitter and tumbler and and and! But what a funny odd thing selling MY art, my images. I feel all squiggly about it. I experienced this close to me last weekend doing Vermont’s Open Studio. I shared space with a generous neighbor thank the gods because my house is tiny. But being there, hoping people would come, hoping they would buy so I can make this thing work, was WEIRD!

My friends came, they bought art, I felt grateful lucky special and so supported. My community here in small town Vermont means everything to me. But these people can’t make my living, I wouldn’t ask them to. Here is my wish for the universe to hear I want to sell tons of art! To strangers who will become friends who know me by seeing my soul.

Peace all


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