Happy Home Grows Heart Art by me!

We recycle a ton at our house. In fact sometimes we go to the dump and don’t have any trash to contribute, only recycling. So when an artist I adore, Carla Sonheim inspired me with her creature art, I started making these with recycled mail. I chose envelopes that have lovely handwriting from friends, or interesting stamps. Next a bit of gesso on top so most of the envelope is covered. I watercolor on top of the gesso and start adding the image.

My husband hoards used wood. We use it for so many projects. He spiffed up some used wood and I mount my arted-up envelope onto the recycled wood and hold the wire hanger on with glass beads. It is fun:)

My home is such a warm cozy special safe place to me. I want it to feel like heaven for my mate and son. That is what goes into this piece, my feeling of home. You can find it in my etsy shop


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