Healing Landscape Mixed Media painting by cat stevens pratt

The warm colors in this remind me of fire. My astrology friend once told me I had found my perfect mate because my husband is all fire and air and I have NO fire or air, none, at all. I’m all watery and earth. Even the idea of fire sometimes gets me all uncomfortable. So, I try to work it into my art, a bit of a challenge now and then is good.

I’ll also use this as my talisman as we slide into Summer Solstice. This truly is my favorite time of the year, warm long days, so much light. I also start to feel a bit squeemish about the impending  D  A  R  K.

This is one of my constellation paintings, do the big huge Hubbel photo painting, then cut it up into small pieces. I use what I find in the small pieces to pull images out and accentuate them. I think there was a bird top right just waiting for me to paint him. Clearly he is NOT afraid of fire. I’ll use this little bird as inspiration until something else flies into my sights.

Peace all


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