I love skulls.

skellie lover

skellie lover

I don’t know what happened or exactly when, but instead of being slightly repelled by skellie art, I started to love it. Then, to make it myself. I blame my dad or the monks who talk of studying death, thinking on decay etc., so that as we age we become more comfortable with the idea and inevitability of dying. Dad died and I freaked. It was all I thought about, dying. Why? How? When? omg I have a kid no time soon I hope!!! Please! I freaked and thought and pondered and then…painted. Now I can’t stop. I always have a few skulls in the works. This is how I got back my sanity, the paint. So here you will see my celebration of life and death and appreciation and the hope that my life goes on a long time so I can see my sweet boy grow.

Peace and celebration,


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