My tree rooted in the stars

This summer I went to my talented friend Mary’s studio to make art. The reason I went was because I was feeling in a rut, stuck, no ideas. I hate that! Mary’s art is loose and free and wheeeeeeee! She invited some mamas and I was one of them. Mary is a kind open soul and basically just opens her doors, takes out her paints stamps fabric tools of every kind, it makes my mouth water, art supply heaven:) and lets us do whatever we choose. No rigid themes or directives, thank you Mary.

Usually I work on a white background, with tight images that begin in my mind, then I try to get those images onto paper. At Mary’s I start on black fabric, crazy! And I start to paint or cut or stamp and the image comes from the painting. A completely different process. Here is one of three tree pieces I worked on that day. A triptych! Oh how arty. I’ve been thinking of trees, probably because I am surrounded by them. New trees, old mature trees, trees falling down and new ones sprouting up in the open spots. At my house the sky is only open where there are not trees. To me, at time, the tops of the trees touch the stars, from the roots to the stars. Such a tremendous journey for something to take, I wish trees could talk so I could hear of what it is like to be one. These trees have those thoughts wrapped up in their images. I hope you like them.

By the time I leave Mary’s I am usually just getting started because the process feels so different. But I have also filled in some ruts, noticed colors I’ve been leaving untouched for a while, and in general feel more light and creative.

Thank you Mary!

Peace all


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