Owl Madness by Cathy Stevens Pratt

I never thought much about owls until I joined Pinterest. A friend on there LOVES owls. She pinned so many owls. What’s up with the owls??? They started to get into my head and my appreciation grew.

Why would this be the first time I REALLY appreciated owls is beyond me. We have Barred Owls living near us. They have nested on our land for many years. We hear them mate (yep!) and hoot to each other for food and hear their babies and we even get to SEE the babies. All sizes of owls sit on the trees at the edge of our house clearing to hunt the birds and critters that arrive to eat at our feeders. My husband used to talk to the owls each night while carrying our unhappy-I-never-want-to-sleep baby in a sling inside his coat. Hubby has one heck of an owl call.

I think I might be spoiled. Appreciating things you get to be around and see all the time gets past me sometimes. But owls ARE cool. They can put my kid to sleep which is more than I can say for myself. They puff up in the most menacing way when they see prey. They fly silently. They are drop dead gorgeous. Holly, my friend in the art world and on Pinterest is right, owls are cool.

Peace all hoot hoot!


owls 1 watercolor moley by Vermont Artist Cathy Stevens Pratt

owls 1 watercolor moley by Vermont Artist Cathy Stevens Pratt

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