Peace, Love, Mud Vermont Tractor by Cathy Stevens Pratt

peaceLoveMudTractorHSSWahoo spring is springing and summer is almost here and  you should see my house! It is like a jungle here. We’ve had warm and cool and hot and snow and rain and sun and so the plants and creatures seem so happy. It is hard to know what to wear each day…do I put on sunscreen or long sleeves and a jacket, mud boots or bare feet? I am not complaining but painting a picture of what it is like in our global-warmed odd Vermont spring. No matter how odd, my perennials are growing and demanding lots of attention and more admiration. I love my flowers!!

This time of year inspires me to paint with bright see-thru colors and to paint what I see. In this case, farmers out there doing their thing. We live close to Mr. Neill’s farm. He’s very cool and gives my son rides on his tractor. Ode to sweet Mr. Neill, vroom vroom get your tractor on folks! You can get a greeting card or an art print of this art at my etsy shop. OR if you message me the original art for this is still available, a very special thing = real art from a real artist:) The art is teeny 2.5 x 3.5 inches only. I live in a teeny house so I make teeny art!

A big blossoming muddy thanks for visiting!

Peace all,


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