Green Cat ponderings by Vermont Artist Cathy Stevens Pratt

This weekend I worked hard and enjoyed myself in a large way at a local craft show. I’m new at this type of thing and I found it really satisfying. I’m not heading out to by my own island yet, but I’m not sure I would want to do that anyway. I don’t want to leave my sweet little valley full of art lovers! I feel so thankful for:

•The folks who put on the show for their advertising and decorating and music and general good cheer that made the event completely enjoyable.

•The temperature in the school gymnasium was perfecto! This mama is on the brink of menopause and there is no location in which I am comfortable temperature-wise. I was this weekend!

•MY FRIENDS. I can’t count the number of people who came to my booth to check out my work, to support me by buying my art, by spreading the word that the sale was happening. And if you didn’t come by, I love you anyway:)

•The folks who didn’t buy anything but walked by and said hey, cool work!

•My very flexible and supportive husband who helped in every way mwah!

•My booth partner who was also flexible and fun and is so colorful and talented.

•My sweet sweet boy who was there with me showing his art and cards too. What a cool kid. I think I got the best one.

Peace all


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