Rabbit and Red, Waiting

Flowers, waiting

Flowers, waiting

I live about as rural as I ever have, but town is as convenient as it has ever been also. To get to my town I usually take the easy way especially when the weather is bad which right now seems like always. An organic farm is on the way, on the right side. David works long and hard on his farm. He’ll start to be out in his fields all day long as soon as the snows disappears. He works magic with his experience and muscles. I really appreciate that we get to see the transformation to his colorful bounty, soon.

David’s partner Amy grows an entire garden of organic flowers right next to the road. This garden enriches my life, my days, my drives and I especially enjoy Amy’s choice of flowers. She grows zinnias, my favorite and that’s a whole other story.

I made this painting because when I drive by Amy’s flower garden in the winter it feels like nothing will ever grow again. I think about flowers so much this time of year, we are right on the brink of tulips and peepers and sunshine. Under the pile of snow on top of Amy’s garden those flowers are just waiting to pop. I can’t see them but I know they’re there.

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